Makeup Of The Day!

So I worked this morning, came home, recolored my hair, and now I’m laying with my kitty watching Maleficent for the first time. Lol I know I’m extremely late on the train. But I just thought I’d let you guys know what my makeup of the day is!

So for my eyeshadow I used the Wet N Wild palette in Comfort Zone

IMG_2477.JPG and just used the green color all over my lid then the darker middle color in the outer half of my lid and then the beautiful color on the bottom I just put over the brown color in the outer corner. Then just coated my lashes with mascara after curling them and lining my water line and voala! All done!



Thanks for checking this out!

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A Quick Look With Urban Decays Smoked Palette!

Here’s just a quick look I did today with the Smoked Palette from Urban Decay! I used Freestyle as my base, Mushroom on my lid, Asphalt in my outer corner and crease, and then took a small flat eyeliner brush and just gave a smokey look with Blackout.


Let me know what you guys think! And I’ll start just updating makeup look hopefully daily or every other day! It will just be short posts like this, but more intricate looks will have more detail obviously! :p lol
Thanks for reading!

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Urban Decay Smoked Palette! Swatches!

IMG_2430 IMG_2431

Okay, so luckily I got this palette for only $21.75! Incredible huh?! This palette was on sale at Ulta for $29 from $49, and with my employee discount it took the price down to $21.75!

And I’m so happy that happened, because I absolutely love this palette, and it came out at a perfect time since we’re in fall, and going into winter pretty quick it feels like. These shadows are so creamy, and pretty pigmented. I love the fact that they have a little sparkle to them, but some of them are matte colors.

Here are the swatches!

IMG_2435 IMG_2434

The top row is filled with some pretty neutral colors including a beige, peach, silver, brown, and black. While the bottom colors as you can see are filled with very glittery bold colors like, gold, purple, green, brown and blue!

I’ve done some looks with these and I can they blend nicely, but they also have a little fall out, but I guess that can happen every now and then, and it always seems like darker colors have more fall out then lighter colors.

The extras that came with this palette were the black 24/7 Eye Pencil and a deluxe sample of their Primer Potion.

The eyeliner is so amazing, once it settles, IT DOES NOT MOVE! It is seriously waterproof and is amazing for the waterline.

Alright gals, thanks for reading!

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NYX Butter Gloss Haul!

So while I was working at Ulta today, I saw something that blew my mind! There were two different sets of NYX butter glosses for only $9.99 each. So of course me being me, I had to have them. I just took a few pictures and swatches so you guys can see what they look like, and I know a ton of people love the Butter Glosses!


The colors came in Tiramisu, Cupcake, Cherry Pie, Sugar Cookie, Red Velvet, and Devil’s Food Cake.



Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie



Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie

Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Devil's Food Cake

Devil’s Food Cake

Tiramisu, Cherry Pie, Cupcake, Sugar Cookie, Red Velvet, and Devil's Food Cake

Tiramisu, Cherry Pie, Cupcake, Sugar Cookie, Red Velvet, and Devil’s Food Cake

Thanks for reading and checking out my haul! I’ll be having a post about the Urban Decay Smoked Palette coming up very soon!

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Maybelline Matte Lipstick! Swatches!

OMG guys, it feels like I haven’t wrote a blog post in forever, probably because that’s true. I’ve been so busy with work, and I have a lot of person things going on, but I’m been fortunate enough to have gotten tons of makeup recently that need to be reviewed!!

I’ve finally picked up these gems and they are magnificent! I picked up the Maybelline Matte Lipsticks, they’re pretty new and definitely hard to find! I’ve looked tons of places and just recently when I took advantage of a 40% off Wet N Wild sale at my local rite aid, I saw these, and you know how in movies they have the gleaming halo light when someone goes to heaven or sees something they really like? Yeah, well that’s exactly what happened! These lipsticks were just calling me, and I bought 4 out of the 6 that my store had. I’m very happy I did too! These are a holy grail!

So I’m going to announce them lightest to darkest like usual! The first one that I have is Nude Embrace, and I really really like this color, I’ve been looking for a good nude lately since it’s hard to find one when you’re as pale as I am! btw, if any of you know of a really great nude for pale skin, help a girl out! But this color is just a really nice color, it’s sort of like a taupe light brown. The pigmentation is amazing, my lips are a natural pink color, and it covers it right up! I’ve been wearing it with all my dark fall eye shadows.


The next color is Ravishing Rose, it’s such a beautiful pink color. This lipstick can be such a great everyday color, I think it’ll look great on everyone! I love simple pinks a lot, I mean there’s always those times where you want to wear a hot pink and that’s completely acceptable! But nothings better than a perfect everyday pink!


Another color that I got was Mesmerizing Magenta. It’s a great pop of color lipstick like what I said when I was telling you about Ravishing Rose. It’s such beautiful and exciting lipstick!

IMG_2369 IMG_2384

Then the last color which is perfect for this time of the year. It’s Divine Wine! Yes you read this right, I got Divine Wine! lol It’s such a beautiful color, it’s a great mix of dark reds.


Here is an arm swatch of all the colors:


Well there you have it folks! The four Maybelline Matte Lipstick that are now in my possession! yay! I love these lipsticks, they’re matte, but are they creamy!! One thing I really love about these is that they color will dry on your lips, and when you drink something after a bit of having the lipstick on, none of your color is transferred onto your glass!

Well ladies, that’s my post after not posting for awhile! lol, I forgot how much I enjoyed this! Well give this post a like if you love or want to try these lipsticks! And comment down below which one is your favorite if you have them! My favorite is the Ravishing Rose!

See Yah!

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Sorry again. Lol

Sorry everyone. I’ve been very late on making posts and updating you guys with what’s been going on but for a week I was sick and sleeping about 85% of the time and this week I’ve been working none stop. But I have some good news!!!!


Woo! I’m really excited and it’s right in my county so it’s not a far drive. I’ll give you guys updates and let you know what’s happening.

But other than that I’ve been trying to get over to the high end cosmetics in Ulta and I’m going to beginning to start a portfolio of my work. I think I’m going to start a Facebook page so when that is created it would be awesome if I could get a couple likes for it from you guys!

Again sorry for no posts lately. I’ll be making some posts this week that I can hopefully have scheduled for this week and next. So thanks again for reading this!

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